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ILGeoNames framework

ILGeoNames provides a set of of Objective C wrapper classes for easy access to the free geocoding services provided by

The classes in ILGeoNames provides an alternative to the MKReverseGeocoder class available in the iOS SDK since version 3.0. Since Google for instance only permits use of their data if it's also shown in relation to a Google map, many iOS Apps are not able to use MKReverseGeocoder legally. This is where GeoNames can help out since their license terms can be boiled down to a simple "Just give us credit".

So in that same spirit we're making the ILGeoNames classes available as open source under the standard BSD license terms. These classes are used in MyAlmanac to provide reverse geocoding of the users current location as well as searching for practically any known location in the world.

The easiest way to grab your own copy of ILGeoNames is to clone directly from GitHub:

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd ILGeoNames
  $ open README.mdown

The README.mdown file opened in the last step contains additional descriptions on how to setup the sample project as well as how to use the ILGeoNames classes.

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