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Reverse Geocoding without Google’s Restrictions

Since iOS 3.0 it has been very easy for iPhone App developers to provide users with detailed information about their current location by using the built-in MKReverseGeocoder class. The MKReverseGeocoder class acts as an Objective C wrapper around Googles geocoding services and handles all the network activities as well as decoding of the returned result.

This all sounds very nice, except that you are only allowed to use the MKReverseGeocoder class if you also display the result in conjunction with a Google map. This may be perfectly fine for most Apps needing reverse geocoding but will effectively prevent other types of Apps from using this service. MyAlmanac is one of those Apps that fall into the latter category.

GeoNames Geocoding Services

Fortunately GeoNames provides an alternative to Google and with much less restrictive license terms. Basically all they require is that you give proper credit to them.


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