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Testing Location Based iPhone Apps

One of the challenges that iPhone App developers are often faced with is how to properly test location based Apps. The iPhone simulator only provides you with the location of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, or alternatively the location of your own development computer. If your App’s content is based on the current location of the user, then it’s very difficult to get anywhere close to some real-world tests without having to travel around with your iPhone. Unless the content is only based in your own neighborhood it will quickly become both very time consuming and costly.

I was recently faced with the same dilemma during development of a new (still undisclosed) App until I discovered this little gem: FTLocationSimulator from FutureTap. It’s a small class that replaces some of the functionality of CLLocationManager. Instead of feeding your code the actually location of the user, it instead grabs fake locations from a KML file generated using Google Earth.


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